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Bookend program seeks to inspire students and the community with the potential of building positive and effective environmental careers. The program aims to boost environmental awareness and to provide educational opportunities that might not otherwise be available.

Bookend is overseen by
high-profile public figures with a keen interest in good environmental management and in promoting education. Founding patrons include best-selling international author Bryce Courtenay, national economic commentator Saul Eslake, Tasmanian wildlife and conservation expert Nick Mooney, midlands landowner/pastoralist Henry Foster, photographic expert and businesswoman Liz Dombrovskis, and international award-winning documentary maker Cathy Henkel, among others.

The program is being coordinated by
Dr Niall Doran and Dr Alastair Richardson at the University of Tasmania, with media and publicity support from Craig Wellington, Ninna Millikin and Gavin Baskerville. The Expedition Class program and curriculum development are run by Andrew Hughes, while Tanaz Jungalwalla keeps everything running smoothly.

."BookEnd is about trying to stop the full stops in the narrative of nature."
Bryce Courtenay, 8 September 2008

The aims of the BookEnd program are focussed on:
(1) Developing good, positive and co-operative environmental outcomes;
(2) Providing educational opportunities that may otherwise not be available;
(3) Promoting this work within the broader community.

Scholarships, exchanges and other work may be targetted at:
* Positive on-ground environmental work (e.g. conservation of threatened species)
* Technological or other support for such work (e.g. environmentally relevant projects in ANY discipline)
* Media promotion and community involvement with such work (e.g. developing educational materials and raising public awareness).


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