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Expedition Class

ExpeditionClass.com is an online adventure learning project.

By collaborating with educational agencies and conducting small footprint journeys, Expeditionclass.com aims to provide a free adventure learning opportunity for teachers and students worldwide. Annually, Expeditionclass.com runs a new journey and a fresh focus for learning. In 2008 the journey was paddling around PNG by sea kayak with a focus on climate change and culture. In 2009 the focus was Australian geography and the journey traversed 15000km of Australia by bike, kayak and foot. In 2010 was the 'Tassie Tiger Hunt' with themes of extinction, species and geography.

The main goal of the project, apart from coming home in one piece, is to deliver an educational product that motivates teachers and students in classroom situations. The nature of a real-life, real-time expedition engages students because it doesn't have a scripted ending, answers aren't in the back of the book, and some problems have no easy solutions. There are actual risks, real discoveries and deeply felt accomplishments.

As well as the main themes of each journey there are ongoing opportunities and challenge activities designed to get students self motivated and moving. The learning projects are aimed at students from 8-16 years old, the adventure surrounding it is for everyone.

For more school programs and opportunities see the Schools and Communities page.

Home Be Involved! Expedition Class