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The Bookend Trust provides scholarships to support and encourage undergraduate and postgraduate students pursuing studies focusing on positive environmental outcomes in any discipline.  Although good academic performance is important, our main aim is to support and encourage students who will in turn encourage others to be involved.

The Bookend program currently offers two main scholarships strands:

(1) General application scholarships, available in all disciplines and levels of study provided they fit within  Bookend's basic principles. Bookend Scholars can be seen here.

(2) Lynchpin scholarships, available in partnership with private donors to specifically support work relating to plankton research and climate change. Lynchpin Scholars can be seen here.

Scholarships may support students, project costs, or any other aspect of a project depending on need. We are after students who are prepared to act as communicators to inspire upcoming students and the community in return for scholarship support.

Leverage of additional funds from other funding sources is preferred.

Bookend General and Lynchpin scholarships are listed in the University of Tasmania scholarships program, and you should apply through that process. Applications open in August and close on 31 October. We also accept Bookend General Honours applications for students starting mid-year. Applications for these awards open in April/May and close on 30 June.

We are happy to hear from potential students or supervisors at any time with project ideas that fit with our selection guidelines. We are only an This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it away.
Home Be Involved! Scholarships