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ANTARCTIC EXPERIENCE 2016 (10-15 Feb 2016): Would you like to fly over Antarctica? Visit IMAS, CSIRO and the AAD? Learn about Antarctic and Southern Ocean research from actual researchers? Take part in this fantastic Antarctic science opportunity open to teachers, students and parents. MORE INFO



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dsc04467_on flight  dsc04469_interview

 One of the more exciting and unusual projects that Bookend is involved in has been developed by David Dieckfoss at Calvin Christian School, with the support of the National Australia Bank's Schools First program. The project has been developing over the last few years works in partnership with individual Antarctic researchers such as Dr Rebecca McWatters. The researchers meet with participating students on their current research, and mentor them in the collaborations and skills needed to make this research work. Students also have the opportunity to engage with researchers directly via video links while they are on the ground in Antarctica.

erebus_dsc04175_rd  mount_dsc04406

But it doesn't stop there: as a culmination of this learning, students also have the opportunity to join an Antarctic flight with experts and actually fly over the frozen continent themselves - right over Mt Erebus, McMurdo, the Ross Ice Shelf and ice-bound ships. The following video clip gives an overview of the program and the experiences of four Calvin students from the 2011 class who joined five New Zealand students for the flight in January 2012:

dsc04263_view  dsc04239_glacier

This fascinating program was repeated in 2012, with even more students participating. The classes were visited by Economic Development Minister David O'Byrne while in the process of refining their scale model of a biopile development (as explained in the video).

ant_minist2_cr ant_model_rd

Following this, the students moved on to work alongside scientists and construction crews on an even more hands-on test-build of a full-scale biopile than in the year before. This exercise was training for the Antarctic expedition team before building these structures for real down south, but also offered an opportunity for the students to learn directly from the experts in a hands-on environment. The expedition team then left for Casey Station, where they remained in contact with the students throughout their work.

ant_dsc09378_rd ant_dsc09379_rd

Three lucky 2012 students were selected to take part in the 2013 Antarctic flyover. Corrie Lagewaard and Nathaniel Zeckendorf (Calvin Christian School) and Damian Mazur (Kingston High) have just returned from the trip of a lifetime, thanks to support from their families, schools, Kingborough Council and Bookend.


 The exercise has been so successful there are plans to increase the number of places for students to have this experience in future. In addition to the above video profile of the overall Antarctic Studies program, here are some highlight clips of the 2012 and 2013 flyovers:

The 2013 flight clip was completed with thanks to Bookend's 2012 GPT Group Community Grant via the Banksia Environmental Foundation.



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