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Bookend Scholars

We are pleased to welcome the Bookend scholarship students for 2010:


Jo McEvoy

I'm currently in the process of doing my PhD in Zoology at UTas. I am primarily interested in animal behaviour, and specifically animal personality. For my PhD, I'm looking at personality in a social lizard species, Egernia whitii (White's skink). White's skink is a native Tasmanian species (also found SE Australia) which live in small family groups where individual differences in behavioural traits are likely to be important in shaping social system and population dynamics. I conduct a mix of field and laboratory work, and am fortunate enough that I have been able to study personality in a number of species (native rats, squirrels and lizards) as well as work in a number of places (Tassie, central NSW, Indonesia, Canada).


Laura Parsley

 After working in environmental chemistry and ecotoxicology for 10 years, I decided to leave the work force and commence a PhD in a divergent field of Ecotoxicology: Endocrine disruption. Endocrine disruption is a broad term used to describe interference in any process of the endocrine (hormone) system by a chemical of natural or man-made origin. Some examples of endocrine disrupting chemicals are the contraceptive pill and man made pesticides. My PhD project is about how the endocrine system is involved in the development of embryos, and how some chemical contaminants can disrupt normal development. My study species is metallic skink; I am supervised by Prof. Sue Jones and Dr Ashley Edwards in the School of Zoology at UTAS.

Loren Atkins

I am a final year science/law student at the Hobart campus of UTAS. After graduation at the end of this year, I plan to move to Melbourne to start my career in environment and planning law. Growing up in the north of Tasmania saw me develop a fondness of the outdoors. My geography and environmental major has fostered this fondness into passion for sustainable living and wilderness conservation. University keeps me pretty busy, but in my spare time I enjoy Ultimate Frisbee, bushwalking, rafting and spending time with friends and family. I look forward to sharing some of the experiences that I have been most fortunate to have had throughout my education with others who may be considering following a similar path.


 Priya Kitchener

I am studying a Bachelor of Arts/Science.  I am a piano playing, swing dancing, Ocean enthusiast with a penchant for studying subjects that inform as well as encourage lateral thinking.  I am a firm believer in creativity across all disciplines and aim to research in Chemistry and communicate in Science.




Louisa Stredwick

My name is Louisa and I'm in my first year of a combined Science and Arts degree. At 21 I feel a little behind many of my friends who are in the final year of their degrees but my two years of travelling were definitely worth the slight set back they caused! My experiences exploring and working in different parts of the world enriched my understanding of not only those places, but of myself and of where I might like to see myself in the future. I have returned to Tasmania with a renewed appreciation for and sense of the value of this island and this planet. I am thoroughly enjoying my current studies and plan to do a double major in Politics and Geography.


Philippa Jensen

I am currently in my first year of a Bachelor of Environmental Design- Architecture, which I intend to follow with Masters in Architecture. My interest in architecture springs from my enjoyment of High School and College subjects of Art, Design Graphics, Housing and Design, Science and Maths. From my first semester of study I enjoyed the opportunity to begin generating my own design ideas, addressing issues of thermal comfort and understanding material sourcement and embodied energy.  I also gained basic design communication skills employing freehand and measured drawing techniques and also an understanding of architectural history from 2000 BCE to the Seventeenth Century. Outside of study I enjoy an active lifestyle including playing netball for Country Club Cavaliers in the Tasmanian State League roster. I also run, cycle, swim, play tennis, golf and basketball for fun. I live with my family at Bridport on the North Eastern coast of Tasmania, where I enjoy spending my free time at the beach. 


Lisa Cawthen

 I am an early-career wildlife ecologist passionate about forest fauna conservation. I am currently working on a project studying how the availability of mature forest in the landscape affects insectivorous bat remnant use and species composition as part of my postgraduate candidature at the University of Tasmania with the Cooperative Research Centre for Forestry. I am also working with the Forest Practices Authority monitoring the effectiveness of forest management strategies for hollow-using fauna.



Kim Beasy

Currently I am in my third year of a Bachelor of Natural Environment and Wilderness studies and will continue with honours next year. My degree allows me to combine my passion for the environment with the skills to make a difference in the protection and conservation of it! Through my studies I hope to be able to assist developing countries in the battle against climate change. In my spare time I enjoy hanging out at the beach or nature-walking with family.

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